The Rose, 2019 Burning man Honoraria Grant, is "the Goddess´"playa's name, a fire sculpture waiting for the sun. After travelling 97million miles in 8 minutes , a Sun's ray arrives to the desert concentrating power in the Fresnel lens centre, producing...FIRE.Time to put the Rose upside down and see the goddess burn in A PERFECT FIRE BEAM SHAPE.
a night and day inspiring presence, an impactful Art Form, and a sun & Bioenergy generator all built in sustainable materials, because we believe that there´s no true aesthetic without an ethic

How we burn- Fire sculptures

with our unique way of burning, and by its flame control technique, we are able to form perfect beam shaped fire sculptures and use it to burn the rose.


fresnel Lens-the Sun Sparkl

To exist, fires needs an ignition, and our Rose is no exception.

An opportunity to reflect on the sources of energy we use today, and the potential of alternative ones, beginning with the sun.

The Fresnel lens concentrates sunlight into a ray that's able to melt plastic and metal, but also to burn a piece of art, our Rose, inspiring our ray machine both mechanical and esthetically.

By day we will star a controlled flame in a jar, a sacred fire that will be kept and, at the night, burn the Rose.

we take the Sun as ignition, showing its power, as we hope that all humanity, believing on nature's power, takes as an ignition of its actions sustainable paths.

Artelier?-Who are we?

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The international company "Artelier?", works around the production of hybrid and multidisciplinary artistic art works in public space and natural setting, in the poetry and fiction of universal times and spaces. For the artistic works and events, "Artelier?" uses several times participatory theater and audiovisual multimedia .

Creations and variations between the production of Urban Scenography, the new digital media, a performance of contemporary artistic objects creation, under the theme manisfesto "science fiction folKore"  that channels creations around an idea of new traditions, having also

created way of burning, creating sculptures with fire.

The company is piloted by Urban Playwright Nuno Paulino, its founder.




Our Team


inspirations for the rose 

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Making Art to Universal Times & Spaces

Loures .  Lisbon .  Portugal     

+351 965697778



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